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This website was last updated: August 16, 2019
Hopkinton High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 1, Contoocook, NH 03229
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HHS Alumni Association
Officers & Executive Board
President - Pete Lincoln ('65)  207-319-8551
Vice President - vacancy - Robin's moving!!
Secretary - Marianne Brown Pollock ('62) 
Treasurer - Ray Martin ('65)
Executive Board
Jackie Mole Ruggles ('61)
Tracy Weatherbee Martin ('82)
Nancy Gielar Eaton ('69) 
John Johnson ('68)
Kathy Johnson Finnemore ('73)
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2019 Scholarship Awards
Three $1,000 scholarships were awarded at the HHS Awards Night Ceremony on May 23 to Amelia Thomas, Emily Young and Brandon Boris. Amelia will attend Regis College in the fall where she plans to major in neuroscience. Emily will be pursuing nursing degree at the University of New England. Brandon will be attending the Savannah College of Art and working toward a degree in graphic arts.

One scholarship was awarded in memory of alumnus Bev Johnson '51, a life-ling resident and active member of the of Town and the wife and mother of four other alumni. 
Another was awarded in memory of Gus Moynihan who taught at HHS for 36 years and was the father to three HHS alumni.   

The third scholarship was awarded in recognition of alumnus Pat Caouette who guided the Alumni Association for her many years and continues to be a valuable historical resource for the Association. 
2015 & 2016 Alumni Association Reunion
Brief summaries, a few photos and lists of those who attended reunions in 2015 and 2016 reunion are provided on the Events Page. Additional photos from other reunions appear on the "Photos" page.
Annual newsletters are mailed in the late spring. If we have your address and you’re a member of the Alumni Association and have been out of high school for ten years or more, you'll receive the newsletter annually. If you’re not a member you'll only receive the newsletter every five years, on the 5-year anniversary of your class's graduation year.  If we don’t have your address you’ll never receive a newsletter. If you’ve recently moved or if you haven’t been receiving the annual newsletter, please email us your address.  This will help reduce the time spent trying to locate people and will also help to reduce postage costs by minimizing the number of newsletters that are mailed to incorrect addresses.  And please check out the Alumni Search page. You might find your name or the name of someone whose address you know. 

And it’s something different this year.
An informal afternoon gathering on August 17 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
at the American Legion Hall in Contoocook 

Food, which will be catered by Dimitris, will be provided throughout the afternoon so arrive at your convenience. There will be a cash bar. Soft background music will be provided by Mark Alan Bartram who plays frequently at Hermanos in Concord and many other area locations.

Hopefully people will get together on their own after the reunion to extend the day’s festivities.  

The cost is $25/person. Advance reservations are required and must be received by August 10.

As additional enticement there will be guided tours of HHS on the 17th from 10:00 a.m. to noon.
If you who haven’t been inside the high school since construction of the last addition, or maybe even since the first in 1963, you’ll need a guide to figure out where the “old” ‘53 high school was as the interior spaces have changed dramatically. 
Alumni Association Membership
Anyone who attended HHS, regardless of whether or not they graduated from HHS, is eligible to become a member of the Alumni Association. Lifetime dues, which are currently only $10.00, help to offset our relatively small annual operating expenses for such things as the printing and mailing of the annual newsletter and the website. Money received from dues is extremely important for the survival of the Association. So if you are not a member please consider joining to show your support for the Association. If you don’t know whether you’re already a member please contact us and we’ll check our records.  If you graduated from HHS between 1984 and 2010, or in 2015, you are a member of the Association because all classes during those years paid the dues for the entire class.
Please Send Us Your News
We Want to Hear From You
The "News" page is always in need of news to keep the website interesting. Our website readers are our "reporters" so please send along your news. If you'd like to serve as "Decade Representative" to act as a collector of alumni news from the decade you attended HHS, please let us know by using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page.
Help Us Locate Missing Alumni
Over the past year there has been a recent increase in correspondence from missing alumni to update their addresses. If you're not sure if the Alumni Association has your current address please check out the Alumni Search page which contains a link to a very long list of those with missing addresses. Who knows, you may be on it or know the address of someone who is. 
* * * 2018 Scholarship Award * * *
The Alumni Association officers and Board of Directors met in April and decided to award a $2,000 scholarship to senior Abby Houston who will be attending UNH in the fall to study bio-medicine. Abby's ultimate goal is to be accepted into the UNH nursing program, become a nurse practitioner and, as a member of the Peace Corps, be stationed in a country where she can serve the less fortunate as a nurse.  This scholarship, which was presented to Abby at the HHS awards night ceremony on May 24th, was made in memory of Pert Gaskill, a longtime HHS teacher and resident of Contoocook.
Welcome to the official Hopkinton (NH) High School Alumni Association website!  This is a FREE site so please don't be confused by other sites such as and that may ask you to sign up for a fee.  These are commercial sites and although they may provide a way to connect with former classmates, that's about all they will do except take your money.  SO BEWARE!  However, if you have money you'd like to get rid of, we'll gladly accept donations to our Scholarship Fund or General Fund. 
To navigate through the website simply click on the "Home Page", "News/Obits", "Alumni Search", "Odds & Ends" and "Photos" headings above. 
To go back to a previous screen please remember to use the left arrow in the upper left corner of the webpage instead of the "X" in the upper right corner of your screen.  Otherwise you'll find yourself having to log onto the website again. 

We need your input to keep this website "fresh" otherwise we may be forced to make up "stuff". So please send us news of marriages, births, deaths, class reunions or other important and interesting events in your lives that you think might be of interest to others. Or check out the "Guestbook" feature near the bottom of this page to provide information, ask questions or see the comments of others. And please check out the "Alumni Search" page and help us find missing alumni. 
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News Page:
Connect with other HHS Alumni by becoming a Facebook friend.
​Scholarship Fund
Annual scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors in memory of HHS alumni, faculty or prominent Hopkinton residents who have had an important impact on the Alumni Association, the High School and its students or the community. Since this fund was established in 2011 we've raised approximately $70,000 and awarded twelve scholarships. Being able to award future scholarships to deserving seniors will help maintain a strong connection between the Alumni Association, the High School and high school students. This is very important if the Alumni Association is to survive. So please consider making a contribution. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to make a contribution in someone's memory, that will be noted in the list above of those who have recently contributed to the Scholarship Fund. ​
​Alumni Association's General Fund
Money from the General Fund is used to help support Association activities, including printing and mailing of the annual newsletter, the website and the annual reunion which, at best, is a break even event. Except for donations from alumni, the General Fund's growth is primarily limited to money received from lifetime membership dues. Donations are still needed in order to ensure the long-term survival of the Association. So please consider making a donation. And if you have any suggestions as to ways the Association could raise money for the General Fund please let us know.
Scholarship Recipients
Scholarship Recipients
Attention Teachers - Past and Present
We'd like to hear from you. If you've retired or have moved onto another school please let us know what you're doing.  If you'd like to be added to the Alumni Association's mailing list please let us know. And please know that you're always welcome at the annual reunions. 
2019 Newsletter
2019 Newsletter
2019 Alumni Reunion Reservation Form
2019 Alumni Reunion Reservation Form
Association's Articles of Organization
Association's Articles of Organization
Those Signed Up for August 17th Reunion
Those Signed Up for August 17th Reunion
2018-19 Contributors and New Members
2018-19 Contributors and New Members
2019 marks 50 years since you graduated from high school. Hard to believe? Well here's your chance to get together to renew past friendships, compare life experiences and just simply have a good time.

We're trying to locate some of your classmates whose addresses are unknown: Tony Blair and Sharon Colby. John Winzeler, Jr. has been found!  There are several others who were at one time members of the Class of '69 that we'd also like to find. Debbie Davis comes to mind; we think we've found Mark Linsenmeir and Paula Mayo Verrastro has contacted the Association. If you can think of others please let us know.
Please think about using the Guestbook feature above to leave messages for those in your class to encourage them to attend.
* * * * We Need to Find Missing Alumni * * * *
The Missing Alumni List on the Alumni Search page was updated again last fall. Please review it and let Pete Lincoln know if you can provide addresses for any of the "missing." And if you are in contact with former classmates on Facebook, please encourage them to visit the website.
The Class of 2018 deserves to be acknowledged for their thoughtful decision to dedicate their yearbook to Paul Wunderlich, a member of the Class of 1952 and the No. 1 fan of all HHS sports teams. Click on Paul's name in the adjacent photo to see the yearbook's dedication page.