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See more photos from the 2013 reunion and earlier reunions on the Photos page

2014 Banquet Attendees
2014 Banquet Attendees
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Class of 1984 members at afternoon cookout before 2014 Alumni Association Reunion
144 people attended the annual HHS Alumni Association banquet on August 23, 2014. Two members from the Class of '49, Geri Smith Dean and Don Symonds, reflected on the 65 years since they graduated.  The Class of '54, celebrating 60 years since their graduation, was represented by five members from as far away as Hawaii, Florida and Tennessee. There were 14 people from the Class of '64, celebrating their 50th anniversary. They traveled from as far away as Alaska, Arizona and Colorado.  Seven members from the Class of '69, from as far away as Washington state, gathered to reflect on the past 45 years. Four members from the Class of '84 and their Class Advisor, Francis Muzzey, also attended, capping off a full day that included an afternoon cookout that was attended by a larger group of classmates. The Class of '53 followed up their 60th anniversary in 2013 by getting nine of their fifteen classmates together again, thanks largely to the efforts of Pat Caouette and Sally Coen.
2014 Newsletter
2014 Newsletter
It's a Small World 
Do you have a piece of HHS trivia to share or maybe you've had an experience that demonstrates just how small the world is. If so please email your trivia or "story" as a typed Microsoft word document to Pete Lincoln and he'll add it to the website. 
*  *  *  *  *  * 
Here's a piece of trivia that will be hard to top. Many know that Craig Corson '67 went on to play college basketball at the Univ. of North Carolina under legendary coach Dean Smith. But how many knew that Walt Crory, Jr. '39 went to the University of Kentucky where he played basketball under legendary coach Adolph Rupp and football under coach Paul "Bear" Bryant who later became a legendary coach at the Univ. of Alabama. 

Speaking of legendary, who knew that Clark Corson '62 was the radio voice of the UNH Wildcats hockey team from 1965-67 during which time he interviewed the Montreal Canadians' legendary hockey coach Jean Jacques Lapierrier. 

HHS was established in 1903 and in the spring of 1904 Mildred Diman became HHS's first graduate from a class of one. The following year Clayton Straw, grandfather of George Beardsley '59 and Jon Beardsley '65, became HHS's second graduate. Check out the News/Obits page for a list of HHS graduates between the years 1904 and 1946. Maybe you'll recognize a relative!

The first HHS yearbook was published in 1949. With the exception of 1954, when the class decided to use their class funds for a class trip to NYC instead of publishing a yearbook, there have been annual yearbooks.

Pete Lincoln ’65 while working in Maine, circa 1995: 
While on the way back from Boothbay Harbor, after an interview for a building project with the Maine Dept. of Resources, I was riding with two architects, from Maine and Boston. The Boston architect, Hugh Shepley, was very well known and the great-great grandson of a founding partner of Shepley-Bulfinch, the famous architectural firm that designed the Massachusetts State House. 

Mr. Shepley, a man of about 80, very gentlemanly and very “down to earth” was sitting in the front seat, I was in the back. He turned to me and asked, “where did you go to college” and I responded “the University of New Hampshire.” “Oh” he said, “my son is married to a girl from New Hampshire.” I asked “what town?” to which he replied “a small town called Contoocook.” Totally surprised I said “That’s the town I’m from. What’s her name? ” “Diana Duclos” he said. Now, even more surprised I said “Oh, she was a year behind me in high school and lived a house away from where my wife grew up.” It is a small world!
137 alumni and guests were in attendance for the 2015 annual reunion at Pat's Peak on August 15.
Nineteen members from Class of 1965, including three who transferred to other schools before graduating, were in attendance: Judi Astles St. Arnauld, Myrna Colby Toutant, Pete Lincoln, Sandy Herrick Heino, Vicki Emerson Fowler, Cindy Twitchell Sherrill, Dexter Roberts, Kathy Wright Mayo, John Chandler, Beverly Stevens McGregor, Jill Doyle Player, Jon Slusser, Ray Martin, Linda Duclos, Greg Jones, Don Clarke, PJ Ritzman, Joanne Parmenter Debold and David Lewis. 
Thanks to the efforts of Meredith Astles '06, who solicited gift certificates from area businesses, a raffle was held featuring items donated/won by 3 on Main/Jill Doyle Player, Country Fare Diner/Jill Doyle Player, Dimtri's Pizza Restaurant/Bev Darrah Thompson, Duston Country Club/Lisa Boucher Parker, Hashtag Art Studio/Susie Hankins Tullis & Tracy Weatherbee Martin, Indigo Blues/Barbara Donohoe, Marklin Candle/Jackie Mole Ruggles, Rusty's/Jill Doyle Player, Sorello/Kathy Wright Mayo, Tavern No. 5/David Chapin. Myrna Colby Toutant from the Class of '65 donated a lithograph of Hopkinton Village that was won by Marianne Brown Pollock.   
Music was provided throughout the evening by DJ Dan Wolfson (Solid Gold Productions).
Special kudos go to the ageless Blanche Roberts '46 who was one of the last to leave Pat's Peak, being dragged out kicking and screaming by her son Dexter and daughter-in-law Jean. 
Photos from 2013 Reunion
See more photos from the 2014 reunion on the Photos page
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Continuing a longterm tradition of meeting every 5 years, 21 members from the Class of 1970 got together in June 2015 at the St. Methodios Retreat Center on Lake Josylvia. 
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More photos to be added soon