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Gals from the 50's
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Hopkinton High School Alumni Association, P.O. Box 1, Contoocook, NH 03229
Missing Alumni
Driver's Ed Class Circa 1961
Faces from the Past - We've Identified the Unknown !!

In the summer of 2012 the Alumni Association received a large assortment of photographs from Laura Calkins, the daughter of Betty Hardy Calkins '53.  The photos had belonged to Laura's aunt, Lucie Hardy Robertson '49 who had died a few years before.  Lucie, who grew up in Hopkinton with her sisters Betty, Velma and Vera, was married to Carl Robertson who has since died.  Betty died in 2011.  The photos are of Lucie's classmates from her days as a Hopkinton student.  Although there were names on the back of most of the photos, some were identified.  In March 2013 we posted two sheets of unidentified photos on the website and since then, with the help of Dotty Graziano, Sally Coen, Mary and Ken Wilkens, Edie Houston, Don Symonds, Jackie Ruggles and Marianne Pollock, we've put names to all the faces.  Take a look at the two sheets of photos below, you may even see a photo of yourself.  In the near future we will add more photographs to the website. And if you have any photos that you'd like to donate to the Association we'll gladly accept them. And now that the Association has a safe, we have a secure place to store and protect our records and memorabilia. 
Alumni Demographics
Not surprisingly an overwhelming majority of HHS alumni live in New Hampshire. But you may be surprised to see how many alumni are living in other states.  Here's the breakdown based on our current mailing list: Massachusetts 60, Florida 57, Maine 41, New York 26, Vermont 25, Colorado 24, California 24, Connecticut 24, N. Carolina 18, Virginia 17, Arizona 11, Georgia 9, Texas 8, Washington 12, Maryland 8, S. Carolina 8, Wisconsin 7, Idaho 7, Rhode Island 6, Utah 6, Nevada 5, New Jersey 5, Illinois 5, Hawaii 5, Tennessee 5, Pennsylvania 5, Michigan 4, Minnesota 4, Montana 4, Nebraska 4, New Mexico 4, Oregon 4, Alaska 3, Alabama 3, Missouri 3, Wyoming 2, Louisiana 2, West Virginia 2, Indiana 2, Ohio 2, Iowa 2, Kentucky 1, Arkansas 1, Delaware 1, Oklahoma 1, Mississippi 1 and Washington DC 1. Those living abroad include 4 in Canada, 2 in the UK,  1 in Luxemborg, 1 in Germany, 1 in India and 1 in Gilbraltar.  
Missing from the list - Kansas, North and South Dakota
Missing Alumni
It would be a great help if everyone who views this page would open the Missing HHS Alumni list below to see if their name is on the list, think we may not have your current address or know where some of the missing people are living, and then email Pete Lincoln if they're able to provide a mailing address. This list was updated on April 21, 2019 after numerous people responded to a request made on the "I Grew Up in Tookie and Loved It" Facebook page for address information. Then on May 8, 2019 is was updated again after the Association's mailing list was processed through a national database prior to the mailing of our annual newsletter. More than 100 addresses could not be verified! So a new section with the names of those whose addresses could not be verified has been created near the top of the main list. PLEASE take a look. We need everyone's help to locate people.  

The list includes names up through the Class of 2009. If you graduated after 2009 and have an address that is different than when you were in high school you can be fairly sure that we don't have your correct address. Please help us to find missing addresses for those classmates on this long list. As addresses are found we will cross off names on the list. When we learn of invalid addresses we will add them to the list. 
Missing HHS Alumni
Missing HHS Alumni
HHS's First Boys State Soccer Championship Team  (Before individual divisions were established)   
HHS's First State Championship Basketball Team
Class of 1969 as 8th Graders
Class of 1949 as sophomores

Please help to put names to faces
Names to consider: Nina Provencher Healy, Geraldine Smith Dean, Rita Duclos Stacy, 
 Joan Coen Holmes, Lloyd Holmes, Don Symonds, 
Avis Mackenzie Skivington, Drusila Bean Cox,
Art Brown, Judith Pendleton Bline, Richard Harris
Class of 1959 as 8th graders
Class of 1939